Digital Marketing in 2020

What is digital marketing?  Well, digital marketing in its simplest term is the way to market electronically over the internet or other digital forms.  In the early days of digital marketing companies such as AOL used to send out floppy disks and CD’s with their online serve platform on them.  Today, a digital marketing agency phoenix similar to Digital Current and many others online have taken the world of digital marketing to the next level.

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Video is king.  With many platforms on the Internet such as YouTube, Tick Tock and even Instagram we are now able to show the world that we are real people, have real lives and can help people relate to us.  As such, video has allowed us to become closer in a way that we haven’t been able to before. 

Blogs and Newsletters

Writing is a lost art in many places, however, if you know how to write and you are good at it, you can create blogs and newsletters that are evergreen content, or content that never dies that will drive traffic to your sites and offerings.  When working with blogs you can write on a wide range or topics, get people to comment on your information and help to build a virtual community online.


People are always looking for quick nuggets of content.  Creating an infographic that walks you through steps of a process, is visually appealing and is even sharable can really help cement you online.  With an infographic you can brand it with your company logo, website url and much more. 

Combining mediums

With the power of the web combining these mediums is a great way to really get people to engage.  An example is to write a blog post on a specific topic.  Then create an infographic that breaks down your words in a visual manner.  Finally, record a video that talks about the content in more detail and guides your readers through the process.  If you can do this then you are an SEO master.